"Dilhorne" Shelties

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Cynthia Charlesworth, Great Britain

"My love of Blues started many, many years ago at 'Dilhorne' when I had a Merle Border Collie, 'Patch', which came from the hills Penrith way, very intelligent and did many party tricks."
"... I have done Merle to Merle matings, ..."
"... 'Dilhorne Bluebrocade' was mated to "Ch. Dilhorne Norseman of Melvaig" and produced my beloved "Ch. Dilhorne Blackcap' (Cappie). A repeat mating resulted in 'Dilhorne Damask' who was the mother of 'Ch. Dilhorne Festivity'. 'Bluebrocade', known at home as Spanny, or Minnie the Mule, was a rather plain girl. She was next mated to a Merle, resulting in three Tri-Colours and one very dark Merle.
My next venture in Merle to Merle mating was 'Dilhorne Bluecape' - one pure white, some mis-marked, the rest were alright. Owing to circumstances beyond my control I mated 'Dilhorne Sonia' to 'Dilhorne Blue Herald' resulting in two puppies, one nicely marked Merle (which she kindly sat on !!), the other a very black Merle."
"... Some years ago I had a Tri bitch (mated to a Merle) whelping. Some Tri and Merle puppies were born. Laughing, I said, 'Now wait for a white.' Not a bit of it. Out popped in quick succession three pale golden Sables!
The foundation of 'The Dilhornes' was 'Circo of Larchwood', bought as a pet after the second world war, ... She was all white, with a few bits of Merle marking, otherwise a very good stamp of bitch. 'Brock', her home name, was mated to the Tri 'Delwood Pierrot'. This gave us 'Dilhorne Bluepearl' and from her the Dilhornes went on. 'Brock' was the result of Merle to Merle grandparents. I have been told that Sheltie family 3 started from a white with black markings."
"... Dilhorne Hall in Staffordshire was where I was born and spent many years, so what better choice. They say, 'Staffordshire born and bred, strong in the arm, weak in the head.' I must be the latter to have been with animals for so many years!!! ..." *1)

Above excerpts/quotes from the following books/articles/adverts:

*1) 'Merle Memories', by Cynthia Charlesworth, YSSC Yearbook 1978 (GB)

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