German CACIB shows 1980

(Compiled without guarantee)

Please send a photo and a pedigree copy of your CACIB winning Sheltie, to keep this list up to date and show your sheltie's details in "Sheltie Pedigree (verif.)" database. (If you would like to change the photo already shown or if you have further info to complete the pedigree, let us know and we will make an update of the file.)

We would like to complete the list of old German CACIB winners. If you know of any other Sheltie which won a CACIB in 1980, please let us know.
If you can verify this list, please contact us. If you have photos of the winning dogs, please send them to us. We are happy to receive any information about the Shelties of that time - the past.

04.05.1980 IDS Saarbrücken - entry ?, present ? - judge: M. Goffins, B
CACIB dog: ?
CACIB bitch: Little Girl vom Zankwald - OK - s/w (BoB)


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